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Insurance & Billing

Billing Questions: Call us at:

Palouse Specialty Physicians clinics: 509-330-5607
Palouse Surgeons: 509-338-0632

PSP is contracted with more than 25 insurance carriers. If we are contracted with your insurance company, you will receive a billing statement from us after the insurance company has processed your claim. Your charges will be listed along with any payments received from your insurance company. This listing should correspond to the explanation of benefits (EOB) you will receive from your insurance company.

Please familiarize yourself with your insurance benefits. Your health plan mandates that you are financially responsible for payment of all copays, deductibles, and non-covered services, and PSP is contractually obliged to collect them. Please do not request that we adjust these from your account.

Insurance billing

Billing Statements

Each member of your family will receive, as necessary, an individual billing statement on a monthly basis. Your initial statement includes information necessary for your insurance company and your personal records. There are additional instructions and information on the reverse side of your statement. PSP also has payment plan options for patients in good standing.

What if we are not contracted with your insurance company?

If we are not contracted with your insurance company, we may be able to submit courtesy billing for you. At the time of your visit, you will be asked to sign a waiver stating you will be financially responsible for all services rendered if your insurance company does not issue payment. Courtesy billing is a service we provide for our patients. You are still financially responsible for your account and you will continue to receive a statement until your account is paid in full.

L&I and Self-Insured Companies

You should carry your L&I claim number with you at all times. This number must be presented to the receptionist at the time of your arrival.

Your employer will supply you with the necessary forms for billing if it is a self-insured company. We have the forms for all state-insured companies. If you are unsure, ask your employer. It will be necessary for you to fill out an accident report if you arrive without a self-insured claim form.

To learn which insurance carriers are covered by each specialty, please click on the "Insurance" link to the left or here.