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John Keizur, MD

John Keizur

Dr. John Keizur is in the midst of a stunning career. He’s worked as a Board Certified urologist since 1995, and founded Palouse Urology in 1996. In the span leading from his undergraduate studies at Oregon State, Dr. Keizur was accepted into the Health Professions Scholarship program with the U.S. Navy and attended St. Louis Medical School, graduating in 1987.  He then spent a year at the US Naval Hospital in Oakland CA on a general surgery internship. 

The following year, Dr. Keizur was assigned to the US Marines in Okinawa Japan.  Returning from military duty overseas, he began - and completed - a Urology residency at the US Naval Hospital in Oakland CA.  In 1993 he became Department Head of Urology at Naval Hospital Okinawa Japan.  After returning from Okinawa, Dr. Keizur joined the staff at the US Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, VA where he helped train new Urology residents for a year. 

Dr. Keizur provides comprehensive adult and pediatric care including minimally invasive surgery. This powerhouse doctor is married with two children and  - when he isn’t providing exemplary service here at PSP, he enjoys hiking, cycling and traveling.